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10th to 18th August



11th August | Saturday | 21h30 [SOLD OUT]
Os 4 Clowns do Apocalipse [The 4 Clowns of the Apocalypse]
Teatro do Montemuro and Absolute Theatre

Photo: Andrea Heselton

Clown/physical theatre | Without language
Age guide: 6+ | 60 min.

It’s the end of the world. Petty human conflicts have lead to humanities complete annihilation and the four Horsemen of the apocalypse gallop to Earth as the harbingers of the end of times.
Except, one of them didn’t turn up.
Despite the foreboding premise, the piece is funny and uplifting – the clowns fail to bring about the apocalypse and instead create the universe within the theatre – with the assistance of the audience.



12th August | Sunday | 16h30 and 21h30
El Primer Concierto [The First Concert]
La Fundicion Producciones and La Compañia Oriolo (Spain)

Photo: Fundición Producciones/La Compañia Oriolo

Clown/theatre | Language: Spanish
Age guide: 6+ | 50 min.

A fun and ingenious show for the whole family, which brings the music closer to the little ones through everyday experiences and common objects.



13th August | Monday | 21h30 [SOLD OUT]
La Tortilla de Mi Madre [My Mother’s Tortilla]
Peripécia Teatro

Photo: José Miguel Pires

Theatre | Language: Portuguese
Age guide: 12+ | 65 min.

Mi Madre read all the classics. She also read the romantics, the moderns, and the contemporaries. Books, books, books.
She makes the best tortillas in the world.
Loneliness and a cat, which never appears, are her faithful companions.



14th August | Tuesday | 21h30 [SOLD OUT]
Tia Graça – toda a gente devia ter uma [Auntie Grace – everybody should have one]
d´Orfeu AC

3- Tia Grac╠ºa ┬® Ana Filipa Flores _ d'Orfeu AC
Photo: Ana Filipa Flores

Music/theatre | Language: Portuguese
Age guide: 12+ | 75 min.

A show that honors the women who live behind the scenes of the lives of so many musicians.
The unusual set of oboe, bassoon and euphonium that accompanies the original songs, brings to the show the philharmonic reminiscences that illustrate the familiar context of the life of the central character, Auntie Graça, but with a transversal and sophisticated musical language for all ages.



15th August | Wednesday | 21h30 [SOLD OUT]
Eis o Homem [Here’s the Man]
Teatro da Palmilha Dentada

Palmilha 3 eis o homem foto julio eme
Photo: Júlio Eme

Theatre | Language: Portuguese
Age guide: 16+ | 90 minutes with break

“Eis o Homem” has three unconnected moments, with absurdity to the mix and space for impromptu. The result is a show that is never the same.
In this collective creation, controversial issues are addressed and reflected on the pertinence of life and human dynamics, but always based on improvisation and humor.



16th August | Thursday | 10h30 | Theatre for children [SOLD OUT]
Capucha Vermelha [Red Riding Hood]
Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora

capucha vermelha [Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora] [foto - Ricardo Chaves] [www.marionetasmandragora.pt] 001
Photo: Ricardo Chaves
Puppets/theatre | Language: Portuguese
Age guide: 4+ | 50 min.

“Capucha Vermelha” is a puppet theater show, freely inspired in the tale of the Grimm brothers. Marionettes of all sorts unfold to tell the classic children story with a contemporary feel, in a critical adaptation to the world that surrounds us today.



16th August | Thursday | 21h30 | Street Theatre
Teatro do Mar

Photo: Susana Chicó

Street theatre/physical theatre | Language: Portuguese
Age guide: 3+ | 45 min.

InSomnio is a multidisciplinary show – physical theater, aerobatics, video and original music – with a scenic structure alluding to a giant bed equipped with mechanisms and different action plans that will cause mutations throughout the performance.
InSomnio, focus on sleep and dream, through a poetic and sensitive language.



17th August | Friday | 21h30 [SOLD OUT]
A Caminhada dos Elefantes [The Elephant Walk]
Inês Barahona e Miguel Fragata

©Paulo Nogueira1
Photo: Paulo Nogueira

Theatre | Language: Portuguese
Age guide: 6+ | 50 min.

This show tells the story of a man and a herd of elephants. When the man dies, the elephants make a mysterious walk to his house to pay him a last tribute: he was not any man, he was one of them.
“A Caminhada dos Elefantes” is about existence, life and death, and the way we will all have to do, one day, to say goodbye to someone.



18th August | Saturday | 21h30 [SOLD OUT]
Music concert Fernando Tordo
Ary dos Santos: As Histórias das Canções [Ary dos Santos: The stories of the songs]

Photo: Rita Carmo

Music | Language: Portuguese
Age guide: 6+ | 90 min.

To the genius of the composition of Fernando Tordo, Ary dos Santos joined the unique beauty of his poetry. And for years, the two formed one of the most creative pairs of Portuguese music.
In 2018, the year he celebrates both 50 years of songs and 70 years of life, Fernando Tordo recovers the memories of those golden times of music in Portugal and presents “As Histórias das Canções”, a unique and unforgettable show.



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